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Seematz type EF searchlight – POA.

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The EF type searchlight is an electrically controlled searchlight, operated from an operation panel within the wheelhouse. The operation panel is connected to a dedicated power supply (By Xenon) which controls the searchlight. Halogen and LED don’t have any external power supply. The operation panel includes a joystick for accurate movement of the searchlight. Optionally, the searchlight panels can be equipped with focus, zero-position switch, and digital position indication.

The EF type of searchlight has become the industry standard, due to its easy operation, and is especially suitable when operated from larger or closed bridge. The position of the EF type searchlight is independent from the position of the operator, which can perform operation from the operation panel, which allows the searchlight to be placed practically anywhere, such as high up in the mast or on the front or aft side of the vessel.


Simplicity and reliability
Replacing the lamp or other parts in a Seematz searchlight is very simple thanks to the construction with a removable unit. This removable unit integrates the back plate, mirror, electrical foundation, socket, lamp, and optional heating. To gain access to the unit and all the mentioned parts, only a series of stainless quick-release spanners should be opened. This can all be done without using tools.


Seematz Searchlight Spare Parts

Seematz Wipers are fully rebuildable, spare parts are available for nearly every part of the wiper assemblies.

You will need your serial number when ordering spares for your wipers.