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Seematz Suez type searchlight – POA.



Before transiting the Canal, the vessel should be provided with a searchlight (projector)
complying with the following conditions and specifications.

  1. Minimum range of radiation of single beam 1800m ahead (Brightness of approx. 1 LUX, at the atmospheric transmission factor T=0,85).
  2. The power of the lamp must give a luminous intensity of a single light beam not less than 3×106 (3 million) candles, which is equivalent to a high efficiency incandescent lamp of:

i – 2000 watts for vessels up to 30.000 SC.G.T.
ii – 3000 watts for vessels over 30.000 SC.G.T.

iii – Any kind of lamp which fulfils the specifications under item 2 and to be of the nonexplosive


  • Housing made of seawater resistant aluminum.
  • Certified by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
  • Compressed air equipment possible
  • For ship size up to 30000 SC.G.T. -> 2000W
  • For ship size over 30000 SC.G.T. -> 3000W
  • IP56


The Seematz Suez Canal searchlight fulfils the SCA rules with 2 x 2000 W halogen lamps for every kind of vessel.


Seematz Searchlight Spare Parts

Simplicity and reliability
Replacing the lamp or other parts in a Seematz searchlight is very simple thanks to the construction with a removable unit. This removable unit integrates the back plate, mirror, electrical foundation, socket, lamp, and optional heating. To gain access to the unit and all the mentioned parts, only a series of stainless quick-release spanners should be opened. This can all be done without using tools.