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End Caps for Rope


These Glue lined Heat Shrink End Caps are a great way to finish your rope ends, simply place the cap over the rope end and heat with a heat gun or blow torch available in a variety of sizes.


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RECP Heat Shrink End Cap Circular Dimensions
 Part Number As Supplied After Recovery (mm)
Inside Ø Inside Ø Wall
RECP8-2 8mm ≤ 2mm 1.5
RECP12-4 12mm ≤ 4mm 1.8
RECP14-4 14mm ≤ 4mm 2.0
RECP25-8 25mm ≤ 8mm 2.2
RECP40-15 40mm ≤ 15mm 2.2
RECP55-25 55mm ≤ 25mm 2.7
RECP75-35 75mm ≤ 35mm 2.9
RECP100-45 100mm ≤ 45mm 3.0
RECP130-63 130mm ≤ 63mm 3.0
RECP158-60 158mm ≤ 60mm 3.0