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Bird Busta


Take back your Boat or Jetty!  The Bird Busta is one of the most innovative and effective bird deterrents on the market today.  The 1 Metre wind propelled rotator arms also available in 2 metres, keeps birds from roosting on hardtops, awnings, biminis, fly bridges, sail boom, decks and many other areas.  Even the most determined birds feel threatened and intimidated by the wind propelled arms.

BIRD BUSTA is often the first choice of Bird Repellers used by the Australian Maritime and NSW Water Police. They are environmentally friendly, UV stabilised, fully recyclable, lightweight, robust, flexible and suitable to handle varying weather conditions.  It will last many years and comes backed with a 12 month warranty.

The BIRD BUSTA features a bayonet base so the top of the product can easily be removed, leaving only the base when required.  Also available are optional Ezyfit rail mounts and sandbag mounts that come with S/S attaching hardware.

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