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Sand Anchors


Very popular for sand & mud bottoms, packs flat and incorporates a secondary attachment point to aid in retrieval if snagged.

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Quin Marine Code Size Weight Construction Approx Boat Size
QM ARSD04 4 4lb (1.8kg) Mild Steel, Galvanized To 3 metres
QM ARSD06 6 6lb (2.7kg) Mild Steel, Galvanized 3 to 4 metres
QM ARSD08 8 8lb (3.6kg) Mild Steel, Galvanized 4 to 4.8 metres
QM ARSD10 10 10lb (4.5kg) Mild Steel, Galvanized 4.8 to 5.4 metres
QM ARSD13 13 13lb (5.9kg) Mild Steel, Galvanized 5.4 to 6 metres
QM ARSD16 16 16lb (7.3kg) Mild Steel, Galvanized 6 – 7 metres



Anchor size recommendations are sizes considered to be suitable for the average boat in average conditions, other factors to be considered when sizing an anchor are Displacement (total boat weight) and windage.

Anchor holding is also affected by the length and weight of chain used and the scope (Total length of chain and rope) used.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they size their anchor and tackle correctly.

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